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giovedì, 29. gennaio 2015, 10:21

By Rafa

Ok, I wish I will married again, and that time I will have that beuauiftl wedding. Great couple, location, decoration, photos simple but clean ideas that are perfectly put together. And photos taken at exactly right moments and places. Excelent job!!


giovedì, 29. gennaio 2015, 10:20

By Apdo

I tried the site : XXX tool. I always see a dincereffe when I type the url different ways - for example "Site:' versus 'Site:', etcThe same applies to the 'link: XXX'


giovedì, 29. gennaio 2015, 10:18

By Bruno

If Google wants people to take out the trash, it can help by revnmiog Wikipedia's questionable and untrustworthy content from the natural search results.I'm pretty sure that would conform nicely with Googlers' off-stated desire to "level the playing field".


giovedì, 29. gennaio 2015, 10:17

By Lilian

Nikki Stoffel - Hi Charley,My fiance and I are curnertly residing in Kiev. We are both Americans and would like to get our engagement photos taken while we are abroad. We would like to take a long weekend at the end of September to London and have them done there. We would probably head to London on a Thursday and leave the following Tuesday. We were thinking September 27th to October 2nd. Would you have any availability during this time? What is your pricing? We are not at all familiar with the area, so would need your guidance as to location. Thanks so much for your time,Nikki Stoffel


giovedì, 29. gennaio 2015, 10:17

By Fikri

Apa kabar mas Heru,I saw your link on Nikonlinks and my wife (who is indonesian) and I were inesetrted. We love your work, and congratulations on your D200, and finally, I hope you get rid of the spammers.Best Regards


giovedì, 29. gennaio 2015, 09:43

By Arn

Have you seen any shows if so, which? All of themWhat did you think? Hey Armagan! We've just seen the 2 Disc Special Limited Edition Director's Cut with extra Mayo and fries on the side! In the comfort of our house, lying on the couch, cofefe at hand with the window open! Fantastic but doesn't beat the Saturday night live performance which rocked!Any other comments? Well done guys, you were fab. OH BOY!


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