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mercredi 21 août 2013, 17:57

Auteur : Legionair

Question de la semaine 21-07 à 28-08-2013

General stats: Points des coups: The higher your points in this stat, the higher will your Hit Points be (HP/life). Vitesse: The higher your points in this stat, the faster you travel from location A to location B. Dommages: The higher your points in this stat, the higher will your blows be. [b][u][i] Stats that matter most during lvl1 - lvl10 [/i][/u][/b] Dextérité = Dodge -- The higher your points in this stat, the higher your chances of Dodging enemy blows. Intuition = Crit -- The higher your...

lundi 19 août 2013, 19:26

Auteur : Legionair

Magmar / Humain walkthrough's

Starting from level 5 players from either side can obtain a special buff, which allows them to obtain ''Mauvais Oeil'' Also known as ''MO'' / ''EE'' / Evil Eyes. These can be sold for a good price, or used to increase one's reputation. A guide for magmars can be found here: https://sites.google.com/site/info4wod/q…age-walktrhough A guide for humains can be found here: https://sites.google.com/site/info4wod/q…bow-walkthrough Links to obtainable items, further information about which faction you c...

lundi 19 août 2013, 16:52

Auteur : Legionair

Define insult part 2.

As some of you may have seen, i have made a post with the following question / comment: ''Define insult please'' I made this post after an incident that occured last night, involving me and X. When a lvl9 attacks a lvl4 it is my opinion that this is a act of cowards, same as for example 10 attack 1. However the word ''Coward'' is not an insult in my dictionairy, it is a mere statement with which u either can or cannot agree to. --------------------------- Having said that, today i enter the foru...

lundi 19 août 2013, 01:36

Auteur : Legionair

Define insult please?!

As we all know we have chat rules in this game. For example for insult there is a 1hour silence penalty which seems to be fair. HOWEVER! what can be defined as an insult?! If you call someone kid / noobie is this an insult?! or xxxxxx is that an insult?! 01:31 Legionair » xxxxxxx : xxxxxx.. lvl9 vs lvl4 01:31 La Malédiction du Silence a été lancée contre le joueur Legionair [4] pour une durée de 1h..Motif : insultes. What is the insult here may i ask?! Please define clear rules about this for so...

dimanche 7 juillet 2013, 14:00

Auteur : Legionair

*English* Walkthrough tactic --> 113 green <-- feat.

Requirements: Minimum of 4 players helping. (best = 2 groups: 1- 5 people // 2- 4 people.) 22 free spots in bags. Road of the helpers: 1 outside green - 1 outside red - 1 outside blue - 1 flying, <-- Flying means, start green then go where'ever needed. It might be needed to have someone use arsenal tigers on people from our own side. Reason: if your own side mines to much we will not have enough points (226) reserved. The only moroks helpers need to bring = mount lvl4 / poison mount lv5 + Arsena...

vendredi 5 juillet 2013, 16:52

Auteur : Legionair

Vente de cuissard de courroux

++ agreed